AxySnake Version 1.14 Free

3D Snake game

If you couldn’t have enough, or still can't have enough, of the old snake game and its variations, you're going to fall off your rocker when you get a load of this game.
AxySnake brings you snake in 3D! That's right, you don't have to suffice with the boring old 2D snake. Now, you can chaise your tail (and try to avoid it) in 3D!
The game is enhanced with 3D graphic effects,
with nice enough music and sounds and with frightening 3D monsters and exciting 3D bonuses!
The entire package consists of 6 3D snake games that offer over 80 different levels of 3D fun! It's time to test your skills. Managing to complete the 2D snake is no feat when you think of the possibilities within 3D snake. It's a whole new game, one that will challenge your skills and that will also challenge your surroundings as you'll be swallowed whole in it!
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